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Yellow Jade Shree Yantra

Yellow Jade Shree Yantra Yellow Jade Shree Yantra


Yellow Jade


Most commonly jades are believed to be green in color all around the world but what is reality is that it is present in many forms, rare of such forms is a yellow jade, which is available mainly in the regions of Japan, Indonesia and some other neighboring countries.


There are evidence of its presence in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations of Central America where it was used to make masks and protect from negative intensions, black magic and other impurities.


The jade is believed to have healing properties that can prevent many diseases and infections, in china it was long believed tradition that a powerful jade can bring a person back to life from death.


Yellow Jade Shree Yantra


A yellow jade stone full of good luck and healing properties is carved in the most powerful yantra of Hindu mythology is no less than a sacred talisman.


A shree yantra is the king of all the yantras that are present, is believed to be the dwelling place of the supreme form of adishakti known by the name of Tripursundari which means “tripur” the three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful among all creatures.


A shree yantra consists of nine triangles intersecting each other to form the most powerful device that is yantra.


Benefits of Yellow Jade Shree Yantra


  • There are enormous benefits of this yantra which can be listed but some are mentioned below.

  • Can helps to remove in pain observed in shoulders, neck, hip bones and many others.

  • Attracts wealth in your life from all corners of life.

  • Prosperity and abundance charms your way wherever you go.

  • Protects you and your family from any sort of ailment that you are suffering from.

  • Creates a circle of positivity around you and your family members.

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