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What is Shani ki Dhaiya?

What is known the shani ki dhaiya? If answer is no, here all more knowledge about it. Let’s check it out.


What Is All The Shani Ki Dhaiya


Frist of all, we have to know what is the dhaiya?


When planet saturn (shani) transits over the 4th house or the 8th house from natal moon, it is called dhaiya.


These two type periods of dhaiya – the Shani Ki Dhaiya & the Shani Sade Sati - leaves the bad effect and good effect over the birth’s life.


Everyone has to pass through this period of dhaiya. Those having negative effect of planet Saturn, may perform remedial measures, without fail.


When planet transits in the close proximity of the planet moon in one’s native chart – the “Shani Ki dhaiya” starts.


The shani Ki dhaiya may continue while planet shani (saturn) transits over this native sign and the next two sign.


Planet shani spend around 2 and half year (dhaiya saal) in each sign. Thus the name shani Ki dhaiya which literally means two and a half.The shani sadhe sati period is some challenging not more.


Problems From Shani Ki Dhaiya


In this section, which kind of problems will face in shani ki dhaiya are being descried below. Let’s check it out.


  • On business front, the birth has to face more financial related problems and difficulties.
  • It may causes bad health, wealth related problems, mental issues etc.
  • It may big causes of delay in marriage.
  • It will cause danger of the native’s life. The native will face misshaping or accident or death.
  • It will cause unhappy marital life.


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