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What is Pitra Paksha ?

Meaning of Pitra Paksha -


The “pitra paksha” is a sanskrit word. Pitra means ancestors and paksha means light. Right meaning of this sentence is “ Shradha kriyate yaa saa”.


What Is All About The Pitra Paksha -


The pitra paksha is the period of 15 lunar days when hindus pay homage and to repay dect to ancestors. In this period time offering the food to ancestors. It is believed that pitra paksha ritual done by ancestors ‘son or family members who close to ancestor.


But most of time, it is done by only son. The pitra paksha as per hindu panchang is observed from the Ist tithi of theaswin mass and continues till new moon day (Amavasya) also known as mahalaya amavysya or sarvapitri amavysya. After death soul has to wander in the various worlds, according to hindu mythology.


Pitra Paksha Activities -


In this section, pitra paksha activities are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Vishwadeva Sthapana
  2. Pindadan – it is the serve of rice, ghee, cow’s milk, honey and sugar in form of pind to the ancestors. It should be done with devotion, whole – heartedness, respect and sentiments to deceased soul to fulfil it.
  3. Tarpan – it is the serve of the water mixed with barley, black sesame, white flours and kusha grass. It is believed that ancestors are appeased by the process o
  4. Feeding the Brahmin – it is must to complete the pitra paksha ritual. Serve to the crows are also make before food is serve to the Brahmin.


Type Of The Pitra Paksha –


In this section, type of the pitra paksha are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Nitya
  2. Neimitik
  3. Kaamya
  4. Vriddhi
  5. Sapindan
  6. Paarvann
  7. Goshtth
  8. Shurdhyarth
  9. Karmaang
  10. Deivik
  11. Oupcharik
  12. saanvatsarik


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