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What is Panchak ?

What is Panchak? Here, we are going to share more about the Panchak related to information. Let’s check it out.


What Is All About The Panchak -


In Hindus astrology, Panchak means group of five yoga (Muhurat). That duration is termed as Panchak, if planet moon is in the five constellations out of twenty seven (Shatabhisha, uttarabhadrapada, purvabhadrapade, revati and dhanishtha) means planet moon is in Pisces and Aquarius sign.


During Panchak, cremation is prohibited. That’s why it is believed that tawn must have to face death.


During Panchak: Dos And Don’ts –


Are want to know the what is do or don’t during Panchak. You must read this section. In this section, do and don’t during Panchak are being described below. Lets check it out.


  1. To advised from certain important works.
  2. As movable constellations, Dhanishtha and shatbhishare are termed. Thereby tourism, traveling, marketing, entertainment, purchasing jewellery and clothes is considered very auspicious.
  3. While doing auspicious pujan and havan, Panchak are not considered.
  4. During ghanistha constellation, wood related items, grass related item and oil must not be gathered.
  5. During revati constellation, construction of terrace is prohibited.
  6. You must perform the goddess Gayatri pooja, if it is necessary to purchase wooden thing. It is very beneficial pooja during Panchak.
  7. Before the construction of terrace during Panchak, you must offer sweet meat to workers.
  8. During Panchak, You must purchase the bed. But don’t use after during Panchak’s period.
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