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What is Ekadashi ?

In Hindu calendar month, Ekadashi is a very auspicious day. It is come two times in one month. In a year, there are twenty four. Occasionally there are 2 extra Ekadashi that happen in a lunar (tithi) leap year.


Each Ekadashi Tithi has particular blessing and benefits that one can attain by the performance of specific process. As per Vedic astrology, it is observed on the eleventh lunar day of waxing (period of the brightening moon also known as Shukla) and waning (period of the fading moon also known as Krishna paksha) lunar phase of moon Chandam.


In the bright ½ of the lunar (Tithi) month, On Ekadashi the chandram may see roughly ¾ full, And in the dark ½ of the lunar month, the chandram may be about ¾ dark on Ekadashi. As on this day gains and beans are believed to be contaminated by sin.


During Ekadashi Do and don’t -


  1. During Ekadashi, Gains and beans are not eaten.
  2. During Ekadashi, Only vegetables, fruits and milk related items are eaten.


History of ekadasi fasting -


In Mahabharata, Lord shree Krishna advices kunti’s son arjuna to starts the Ekadashi fasting in the autumn season with utpanna or uttpatti ekadasi occurring during the waning phase of the chandrama in November December.


Mantra -


On Ekdashi, you must chanting this powerful Vishnu mantra at least for 108 times.


|| om namo bhagavate vasudevaya ||


Type of Ekadashi –


In this section, type of Ekadashi are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. In Chaitra (it comes in April and May), papamochani Ekadashi and kamada Ekadashi associated with Vishnu. On this days, you must worship of lord Vishnu.
  2. In vaisakha (it comes in May and June), varuthini Ekadashi and mohini Ekadashi associated with madhusudana. On this days, you must worship of god madhusudana.
  3. In jyeshta (it comes in June and july), apara Ekadashi and nirjala Ekadashi associated with trivikrama. On this days, you must worship of god trivikrama.
  4. In ashaad (it comes in july and august), yogini Ekadashi and shayani Ekadashi associated with vaamana. On this days, you must worship of god vaamana.
  5. In shraavana (it comes in august and September), kamika Ekadashi and Shravana putrada Ekadashi associated with shridhar. On this days, you must worship of god shridhar.
  6. In bhadrapada (it comes in September and october), ananda Ekadashi and parsva Ekadashi associated with hrisikesha. On this days, you must worship of god hrisikesha.
  7. In ashvin (it comes in october and November), indira Ekadashi and paashukushaa Ekadashi associated with padmanabha. On this days, you must worship of god padmanabha.
  8. In kartik (it comes in November and December), rama Ekadashi and prabodhini Ekadashi associated with damodara. On this days, you must worship of god damodara.
  9. In margashirsha known as agrahayana (it comes in December and January), vaikunta Ekadashi and mokshada Ekadashi associated with keshava. On this days, you must worship of god keshava.
  10. In pausha (it comes in January and February), saphala Ekadashi and pausha putrada Ekadashi associated with naaraayana. On this days, you must worship of god naaraayana.
  11. In maagha (it comes in February and march), shat tila Ekadashi and bhaimi Ekadashi, known as jaya Ekadashi, associated with madhava. On this days, you must worship of god madhava.
  12. In phalguna (it comes in March and april), utpanna Ekadashi and amalaki Ekadashi associated with govinda. On this days, you must worship of god govinda.
  13. In adhika month (it comes once in 2 – 3 years), parama Ekadashi and padmini vishuddha Ekadashi associated with purushottama. On this days, you must worship of god purushottama.


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