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What is Beej Mantra ?

What is Beej Mantra ?

Mantras have been used by people to get rid of their problems since ages. Beej Mantras as the name suggests are mantras that are seed mantras that are shorter in size but no less powerful. Beej Mantras have successfully solved various problems of a person’s life for decades and thus most people trust its power.


Length of Beej Mantra:


If a mantra comprises of 9 or less than 9 words it will fall under the category of a beej mantra. If it exceeds 9 words, it would then fall under the category of a maha mantra.



Common Words used in Beej Mantra:


Om, Hrim, Krim, Shrim, Hum, Aim, Phat, Krom, Swaha, Klim, Hum, Blum, Gam, Hrum, Thah and KlrimSwaha are some of the most common words that can be found in almost all the beej mantras.


Can you change the Beej Mantra?


Well, the answer is NO. Beej Mantras always remain the same and should not be modified as per the problems. Rather a person should learn the significance of every mantra and use it to solve his or her problems. An expert of these mantras would tell you that there are Beej Mantras for every problem like health, relationships, money matters, etc.


What to do while chanting the Beej Mantra:


  • The person should always concentrate on the mantras and not on anything else.
  • The person should believe in the power of mantras and should never doubt it.
  • The mantras can be chanted by the person facing the troubles or you can ask the expert to use the powers of mantras to solve your problems.
  • The mantras should be chanted in the specific atmosphere that would be told to you by the mantra expert.
  • The person chanting the mantras should repeat the mantras over and over again with clarity of voice and should never get tired of the process.


We are Beej Mantra Experts:


If you need assistance of an expert to chant these mantras on your behalf or to teach you how to get maximum benefit out of these mantras then do not hesitate to call us at 09870286388.


Our experts would take you through the entire process within a few minutes and would help you get solution to all your life’s problems with the help of beej mantras like thousands of people who have used these mantras effectively in the past and as per our guidance.