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What is Amavasya?

An Amavasya, no mood day, is a Sanskrit word. It became two word “ama” and ‘’vasya’’. Its right means dark Chandra (moon) lunar phase. The day is not auspicious.


It is the day when negative energy, harmful power and evils eyes are too stronger. In Hindus calendar, there are 30 lunar, known as Tithi, phases. Amavasya always falls in the middle of the every month.


When the Chandra (moon) is within the twelve degrees of angular distance between the surya and Chandra before conjunction, that day called is an Amavasya (dark moon Tithi). The Pratipada/Pratima (new moon lunar) is the twelve angular degrees after conjunction.


The dark moon Tithi is often translated as new Chandra since there is no standard term for the Chandra before syzygy in Eng. In this days, many important poojas, fasts and festivals like Diwali, Lakshmi pooja etc. also falls.


An Amavasya is not associated with prosperity and divinity. The tantric poojas is mostly performed on this day. The negative energy, harmful power, black magic and evil eyes are free.


On this day, any work or travel that is done on Amavasya is not expected to successful. That’s why, Hindus religious person are not supposed to work or travel. It is believed that if one may fast on an Amavasya that in on a Monday then all their wishes must be fulfilled by god.


It is believed that if one fast on an Amavasya that on a Wednesday then all kal sharpa Dosha must be reduces. It may help to control the planet Rahu. It bring success and happiness in your life. to reduce the problems and difficulties.


On Amavasya, shraadhs is done to forefathers by Brahmans whose fathers, grandfathers, great - grand fathers, mother, grandmother and great – grandmother have died.


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