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Buy Wealth and Prosperity Puja Kit

wealth and Prosperity puja kit A Wealth and Prosperity Kit for pulling in thriving and riches into your life. In the event that you take after Feng shui, an extraordinary place to put them is in the riches corner of your home, which is the far back left corner from when you stroll in the front entryway.


The stones can likewise be utilized for a precious stone matrix, or kept in a medication pack and worn or conveyed with you. In the event that you wish to open up their riches pulling in vitality, add selenite or clear quartz to the blend.


Stones Include :-


Stones are around 1/2 inch to 1/2 inches each. Cost incorporates every one of the 10 stones:


  1. 3 Tigers Eye tumble stones to pull in plenitude
  2. 3 Green Adventuring tumble stones for fortunes and riches
  3. 3 Citrine tumble stones for indication of success
  4. 1 Raw Pyrite Cluster for good fortune
  5. 5/5 Hamsa Hand Wood Round


Check whatever is left of the shop for more stones sold exclusively to add to your gem network and spiffy sacks to keep them in. Pyrite dislikes water, it prefers the sun. It would be ideal if you keep your pyrite dry.


The vast majority of us need these things, yet many individuals discover them slippery. We've recorded the entire success pack for you to work your own particular enchantment. The enchantment of this 5/5 Hamsa Hand Wood Round


This perfect wood cut specially printed with a hand plan and five mantras for much additionally getting energies. Our hands are capable enthusiastic channels, particularly to receive vitality – so we respect that with this device.


Each finger has a fastened chip stone and planetary correspondence as takes after: thumb (amazonite, Venus), list (sodalite, Jupiter), center (snowflake obsidian, Saturn), ring (clear quartz, Sun), and pinky (carnelian, Mercury).


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