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Vrat and Upvas for Business Success

Vrat and Upvas for Business Success is best and easy remedies to overcome from the all kind of business problems and issues. Let’s know the powerful Vrat and Upvas for Business success.


What is all about the Vrat and Upavas for Business Success -


If you are want to success, profits and growth in your business, you must keep fast of lord Krishna. This fast is powerful remedies to remove all kind of issues in your business.


Wednesday is best day to keep fast of lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is one form of lord Vishnu. This day associated with lord Krishna. Green colour is favorite of lord Krishna, that’s why you must wear Green colour cloth on this day to get blessing of lord Krishna.


Donating food and cloth to Poor, bring the blessing of Lord Krishna. If you are a business man, that fast is very beneficial. You will be growth in business day by day.


Role of Vrat


Food is taken once a time. Don’t take salt in the food.


Mantra for vrat of lord Krishna –


You must chanting these Mantras for Vrat of Lord Krishna and Planet Mercury at least 1008 times.


|| Om krishnaya Namah ||
|| Om bram breem broum sah budhaya Namah ||
|| Om Bum Budhaaya Namah ||


Significant of Vrat of Lord Krishna –


  1. Bestows success in Business and prosperity.
  2. Peaceful of professional life.
  3. Growth of Business.
  4. Relief from the all kind of problems in business life.


Benefits of Vrat of lord Krishna –


  1. Overall profit in business life.
  2. To bring harmony in Business relationship
  3. To help attain spiritual goals.
  4. Fulfil your all kind of wish.
  5. It reduce the negative effects of planet mercury.
  6. To bring good fortune and happiness


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