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Vrahaspati Puja Vidhi

Vrahaspati Puja Vidhi If Thursday is making issues for the duration of your life, perform Vrahaspati Pooja at Thursday. It can make Vrahaspati in your horoscope cool and calm. On this day, Vrahaspati Pooja is performed by different lovers.


Performing Vrahaspati Pooja also ruins the physical and enthusiastic prosperity. With a particular true objective to oust an extensive variety of issue from life, Vrahaspati Pooja most ideal situation mending game plans.


Beside it, for gaining ground in work, calling, business, consider et cetera., Vrahaspati Pooja is especially profitable.


Puja Products For Vrahaspati Pooja –


  1. Vrahaspati image
  2. Rice
  3. Coconut
  4. Kalawa
  5. Kalash
  6. Energised dim agate mala
  7. Incense stick
  8. Shankha
  9. Thursday yantra and Vrat katha
  10. Camphor
  11. Pan and supari
  12. Vrahaspati kavas pendant
  13. Dahi
  14. Ganga jal
  15. Prayer book
  16. Milk
  17. Mustard oil
  18. Sweets offerings
  19. Summer regular items
  20. Clove
  21. Panjiri
  22. Yellow material


Vrahaspati Puja Vidhi –


In this section, Vrahaspati pooja Vidhi are being described the below. Let’s check it out.


  1. On this day, you ought to pass on yellow articles of clothing.
  2. Donate the dull things and food to penniless people on this day.
  3. Wake up early morning and wash up.
  4. Install another and cleaned symbol of Goddess Vrahaspati on a wooden stage at clear place. Illuminate the light and sticks.
  5. Attire perfect and new dress on this day while performing pooja. Introduce a Kalash having water.
  6. Fold your hands and close your eyes and recollect about Goddess Vrahaspati. Amid puja, continue droning mantras.
  7. Put a Tika made up of Roli, Haldi and Chawla on the temple of Goddess Vrahaspati.
  8. Then offer sweet and fruit to Goddess Vrahaspati, it is required laung, suji halwa and crisp blossom.


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