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Vivah or Marriage Puja Vidhi

Vivah or Marriage Puja Vidhi Following Are The Conventional Vital Strides In Vivah Vidhi -


  1. Vagdan – Vangnischay (Sakharpuda) – An engagement, prearranged engagement, or fiancer is a guarantee to marry, and furthermore the timeframe between a proposition to be engaged and a marriage.

  2. Seemant Poojan – The Prepare and the baraat are invited at the wedding setting with a seemant (which means limit) puja.
    Generally it used to occur when the prep and his company entered the lady of the hour's town. The prep's feet are washed and he gets endowments from his in-laws.

  3. Tail Haridra Ropan – Haldi

  4. Mandap Pratishtha

  5. Devak Sthapana - Kul Pujan is performed.

  6. Varagaman – Bridegroom touches base at the passage of the wedding covering (mandap), joined by relatives and companions. Favorable materials are conveyed along for good fortunes. The forthcoming relative Chandrika plays out an inviting function and will energetically endeavor to get his nose.
    This convention reminds the prep that he has come rubbing his nose at their entryway requesting their little girl's turn in marriage. The service connotes an endeavor to head out malice spirits. Bridegroom at that point approaches the marriage sacrificial stone.

  7. Madhupark

  8. Gaurihar Pooja - One such custom is to offer supplications to Goddess Gauri which is prominently known as Gaurihar Pooja. This pooja is of awesome significance in any Hindu marriage.
    It is a pre-wedding custom that happens at the lady of the hour's home where she offers supplications to Goddess Gauri. This pooja is performed with gigantic commitment and regard towards the Goddess to look for her celestial favors for a superior and thriving future.

  9. Antarpat dharan

  10. Mangalashtake

  11. Vadhuvar Nirikshana

  12. Kanyadan

  13. Grihapravesh Homa

  14. Vivah Chaturtha racket kritya

  15. Grihapravesh with lady of the hour

  16. Devakotthapan and Mandapodwasan


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