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Vishnu Puja Vidhi

Vishnu Puja Vidhi Lord Vishnu one of the Trideva Gods. He is very powerful God. He carry Sudarshan chakra. He takes birth on the earth as lord Krishna.


If you need him blessing, you must do Vishnu Puja with whole Vidhi. Today, we describe the Vishnu puja Vidhi in details. Let’s check out.


What is all about The Vishnu Puja Vidhi -


Vishnu Puja stay away you all kind of major and short problems. Among people organised the Vishnu pooja on Poornima and Ekadashi. It is believed that Poornima and Ekadashi are the best days to organise the Vishnu pooja.


On this day wake up the early morning and take bath and carry the clean cloths. Then meditation of lord Vishnu and chanting this powerful mantra at least 108 time.


|| Om vashudevahe Namah ||


On this day, you go to visiting Vishnu Temple. And donate the food and sweet to need. You must organised the Vishnu Pooja at your home.


Samagrim Of Vishnu Puja Vidhi –


  1. Ideal of Lord Vishnu
  2. Kalash
  3. Roli
  4. Chawla
  5. Haldi
  6. Kalawa
  7. Flower
  8. Sweet
  9. Pan leaves
  10. Coconut
  11. Dupbati
  12. Dhee
  13. Batti
  14. Kapur
  15. Milk
  16. Dahi
  17. Banana


Vishnu Pooja Vidhi –


  1. Clean the Mandir of the house. Then spring the Gangajal where the organised the Vishnu Pooja.
  2. Stabilise the ideal of the lord Vishnu on red color cloth. Remember the one thing face of ideal of the lord Vishnu east direction.
  3. First light up the diva front the ideal of lord Vishnu and meditation the Lord Vishnu with pure heart.
  4. Then Tilak with roli, Haldi and Chawla of lord Vishnu and read out the Vishnu kath to relative and friends.
  5. After read out the Vishnu Kath, distributed the Vishnu Parsada.


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