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Vehicle Puja Vidhi

Vehicle Puja Vidhi
  1. The main thing you needed to do was acknowledge 'blessed water' into your correct hand and wash your hands for the puja. This was rehashed three times.

  2. For three reiterations, you acknowledge rice from the Pandit ji to sprinkle onto the front of the Vehicle.

  3. The Pandit ji draws a swastika with the third finger of the correct hand. This image is drawn on the Vehicle with turmeric powder blended with water, which does not recolor the Vehicle.
    It can likewise be drawn with sandalwood glue.

  4. After the swastika is drawn, you are again offered rice to favor the swastika by sprinkling rice on it three times. For each sprinkle, you are offered mantras to recount.

  5. Presently step four is rehashed, amid which you think about Lord Ganesha and discuss blessed mantras. One arrangement of mantras incorporates discussing 11 of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha.

  6. You now light incense sticks. The Pandit ji (cleric) takes these and hovers them around the swastika three times a clockwise way, at that point takes them inside the Vehicle and circles them around the guiding wheel three times a clockwise way, presenting mantras.

  7. The Pandit ji introduced a little Ganesha icon close to the guiding wheel.

  8. To introduce this Ganesha, there was a little auxiliary puja which kept going five minutes.

  9. You obtained a coconut at the store early. In this progression, the proprietor of the Vehicle breaks the coconut close to the correct front tire and sprinkles the coconut water on the tire.
    The coconut is kept as Prasad and eaten later.

  10. You had beforehand obtained four lemons, and the Pandit ji now put one under each tire.
    At that point, you got into the Vehicle and drove it to the correct side.


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