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Vastu Dosh Puja Vidhi

Vastu Dosh Puja Vidhi Vastu Dosh puja is performed to kill defective Vastu of wherever. A Vastu Fault happens when the development of a place has not been finished by Vastu standards.


All the 8 bearings, and in addition the 5 essential components, are thought about by Vastu standards. An unevenness between these 5 components and 8 headings may create Vastu Dosha individual dwelling or working at that place needs to endure the negative impacts of Vastu Dosh.


These negative impacts may bring about medical issues, money related emergency, loss of mental peace, loss of success and also name and notoriety. This puja acquires peace and satisfaction the house and also advances riches and business.


It is unrealistic to roll out basic improvements consequently, Vastu Dosha Nivaran Puja is an extremely compelling for killing the destructive impacts of Vastu Dosha.


It gives some good outcomes to avoid off the negative impacts of Vastu Dosh by dissipating negative energies and sick impacts happened because of foreboding area or bearing or lop-sidedness of five components.


It likewise creates positive and useful vitality. Vastu Dosh Puja ought to be performed while buying another house or business premises to mollify Vastu Devta.


Puja Ritual of Vastu Dosh : The Vastu Dosha Pooja is led by the five pundits where they play out the function utilizing Ganga Jaal for purging of the land. This Pooja is attractive to begin the new pursuit.


Vastu dosh puja includes some essential services, for example, Kalash Sthapana, 64 yogini Puja, Swasti Vachan, Ganesh Puja and Abhishek, Invocation of Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Puja of Vastu Maha Yantra, Ganesh Mantra Japa, Vastu Puja, Aarti and Pushpaanjali.


Vastu Dosha Mantra:-


|| Om Vaastoshpate Prati Jaanidyasmaan Swaawesho Anamee Vo Bhavaan Yatve Mahe Pratitanno Jushasva Sahnno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa ||


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