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Vashikaran Tilak Ke Totke

 Vashikaran Tilak Ke Totke It is a kind of special Tilak prepared by experienced priests and scientists. It belongs to the science of body and heart. It has been used by our Rishi & Munis in past time as well. To make your life good as you always want, Vashikaran Tilak is pretty much helpful.


Where It Is Placed


Vashikaran Tilak is placed at forehead where Aagya Chakra & Guru Chakra are found. We all have magnetic waves and Vashikaran Tilak controls them.


5 Vashikaran Tilak Totke


  1. If you want that people should hear you, then you must go along with Vashikaran Tilak Totke. It is very beneficial in term of fascinating others be it girl or boy. Place Vashikaran Tilak on your forehead and you will be able to fetch the attention of the people towards you. If you are running a shop then people come to your shop.

  3. Have you fallen in the love with a girl/boy and can’t imagine your life without her/him. Place this Vashikaran Tilak having magical power and that desired girl/boy will also fall in love with you. As per your wish, he/she always will stay around you. It does not matter if that girl/boy near or far from you, Vashikaran Tilak works without considering the distance.

  5. Placing Vashikaran Tilak at forehead will help you if you want others to forget earlier quarrels, dispute, fight etc.

  7. No one will angry at you after putting Vashikaran Tilak at forehead.

  9. If you want the person sitting in front of you do agree with your statement then Vashikaran Tilak would be pretty much helpful. Place it on your forehead and share your views. The desired person will always be agreeing with you. He/she will never cut your points and support what you said or going to say.


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