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Tulsi Puja Vidhi

Tulsi Puja Vidhi Amid the entire month of Kartika a unique love is led for Tulsi ji each night. Tulsi has an exceptionally Satvik impact on its environment.


It is utilized as sacrosanct nourishment for Krishna/Ram/Vishnu with each offering of sustenance. Tulsi dabs are utilized as an accessory to declare, 'I have a place with Krishna' to the wearer.


It is an update for the wearer. It additionally has a satvik/sound impact on the body and psyche.


Tulsi Vivah, the formal wedding of Tulsi to Sri Krishna is commended on Tulsi Ekadashi in the long stretch of Kartik, on the eleventh day after Diwali.


Natural India commends its yearly Tulsi Mahotsav around the season of Tulsi Ekadashi consistently in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. The everyday love of Tulsi in Kartika month incorporates a night Aarti, lighting a light as an offering to the Tulsi plant, with a petition for one self’s advance on the way of commitment. A rangoli is made regular close to the Tulsi plant.


Awakening at a young hour in the morning, one should bathe in the Yamuna or else at home. Lighting a Diya before the Tulsi, do aarti (a dish holding a lamp, burning ghi, incense or different articles is moved in a progression of circles before the symbol amid revere) while droning, "Jai, jai Tulsi Maharani, Namo nama!"


Goddess Tulsi Marries Shri Shaligram Ji -


We have the custom of Tulsi's marriage to Shri Shaligram ji on Devothan Ekadashi which comes just before Kartika Poornima. The legend from the Padma Purana is revolved around Tulsi who was Vrinda, the virtuous spouse of devil Jalandhar, in her past birth.


Born in water, Jalandhar requested the fortunes produced of the sea in Vishnu's second incarnation and jeopardized the divine beings. He had the aid of interminability as long as his significant other Vrinda was pure.


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