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Totke for Business Success

In this section, some powerful and effective Totke are being described below. Let’s check it out.


Gemstone is a powerful, effective and religious stone. The effect of Gemstones for different people, so you must to choose the astrologically right Gemstones for the beneficial results.


  1. On Sunday, you must perform the Lord Surya pooja. For an incredible business, you must do this powerful Totka on Sunday. Cut up 5 lemons and keep them in your workplace with some yellow mustard seeds and peppers. The next day, take all this and bury it an unknown place, walk away. This Totka will play a big role to get success in business.

  2. To clear your business debts, you must do this Totka. Take 5 rose flowers and 1 ¼ meter white cloth. Tie each corner of the cloth to a rose flower and tie the 5th flower in the Center of the cloth. Throw this cloth into a holy water source (Ganga River). It is believed that this totka is very powerful to clear your all kind of Business debts.

  3. You should perform this totka on Every Thursday. Prepared some bean Ladoo. And wave them around your head a total number of 7 times. After this, serve it a cow.

  4. If you want to get wealth and progress in your business, offer seven types of cereals to the birds. You will find all over wealth and progress in the business.

  5. To bring out the smooth business relations, offer Burfi to cow on every Sunday and Monday.

  6. Offer Motichoor Ladoo to dog. This will bring success to the person. The Black magic vanishes immediately after doing this experiment. The problems who come in your business will be cured.

  7. On Every Saturday, offer sarso k tel ka partha to dog. To reduce the all kind of negative effects of unwanted planet in your horoscope. By doing this the Business will more improve and progress.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get the most of the life by carry Gemstone to fetch happiness and prosperity. If you want to purchase the Gemstone, you must contact us.


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