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Tiger Eye Shree Yantra

Tiger Eye Shree Yantra Tiger Eye Shree Yantra


Tiger Eye


A tiger eye gemstone is a replica of a tiger eye that is why it has got this name. This stone is mainly found in the region of the Western Australia, Mexico, and Africa and also in the regions India.


This stone is of great benefitting properties firstly, due to its presence it acts as protector by nature and ferocious when not valued, so anyone who is using this stone must value it otherwise its effects will of extreme danger and not positive what you might hope for.


It’s a healer as it radiates with an energy which keeps you in a positive environment and also beneficial for your heart chakras and eye chakras


Tiger Eye Shree yantra


A shree yantra is the emperor of all the possible yantras that are and that can be devised in the Hindu religion, it is so because it is believed that it is the dwelling place of the supreme form of adishakti roop that is known by the name of Tripursunadari.


The word consist of two words that are “tripur” and “sundari” meaning the three worlds and the most beautiful of all respectively meaning the most beautiful in all the three worlds of heaven, the earth and the underworld. It is considered to be very lucky to keep this yantra in your house or work place.


A combination of a shree yantra that is carved in a tiger eye gemstone is one of the most auspicious combinations you can hope for, and will fulfill all your dreams and goals


Benefits of Tiger Eye Shree Yantra


  • Attracts money and wealth in your life .

  • Prosperity and abundance will be observed.

  • Will heal you on personal, physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Will boost your confidence and strength.

  • Protects your from negativity.

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