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Tantrik Puja Kit for Diwali

Tantrik Puja Kit for Diwali The Amavashya Tithi in the month of Kartik is known for offering Tantrik Puja. On this occasion Maa Durga or Kaali, The goddess of extreme power and violent energy is revered. The prime objective of this puja is to get blessings of ferocious goddess.


The specific puja and offerings of Devi Durga is done through tanrik method to bring down immortality. Tantrik Puja Kit for Diwali is very helpful to please Maa Durga as it holds everything that is needed to appease her.


This puja ritual also repels ego, negativity and adversity which impede the material and spiritual growth.


It is done during the midnight of Kartik Amavashya.


Benefits of Tantrik Puja


Tantrik puja cannot be done by Normal human being, but someone who wants to perform this puja ritual can contact us. The benefits of this auspicious and powerful puja are


  • Eliminates debts and poverty.
  • Removes ill effects and evil eye effect
  • Protect the worshipper against enemies, Ghosts and negative energies.
  • Provides good health and welfare.
  • Brings Peace of mind, helps concentrating on important things.
  • It is very useful for prosperity, fame, good luck and charm.


Tantrik Puja Kit for Diwali


We will provide Tantrik puja service to all those who want to seek the blessing of Maa Kaali. If, someone already knows any Tantrik or wants to perform this puja on their own can use our Tantrik Puja Kit for Diwali as it is very useful and have all the puja items and tantric Items.


The Tantrik Puja kit for Diwali contains these items


General items


  • An Earthen Lamp Filled With Ghee – 1 Or 2 In Nos.
  • Dhoop Stick or Agarbatti – 1 or 2 in Nos.
  • Batasha, Coconut, Chandan, Ashtagandh, Roli, Raw Cotton Thread, Dry Coconut, Sweets
  • Akshat (Unbroken Raw Rice), Moong Lentil, Dry Turmeric Pieces – Few, Raw Yarn (Soot Ki Kookdi) – 3 Small Spindle in Nos.

    Spiritual Items


    • Shankh
    • Laghu Nariyal
    • Lakshmi Coins, Kavach
    • Kamakhya Sindoor and Gorochan


    To get this very rarely available and useful Tantrik puja kit on your door step you can order this one from us we provide original and rare products with this kit.


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