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Surya Puja Vidhi

Surya Puja Vidhi In Hindu Religion, Sun is not only a planet but it is regarded as Lord Surya. Surya Pooja holds a great place in the Hindu Culture. It is one and only God, you can see.


Lord Surya is the God who is responsible for enhancing power, vitality, Gold, Promotion, fame and honour. Raja Harish Chandra was big devotees of lord Surya.


What is all about the Surya Pooja Vidhi -


Surya Pooja brings the peace of mind. It is source of energy and the same energy you will experience when perform pooja keeping all the customs in your mind.


If you are thinking about to keep fast on Sunday for Lord Surya then you may go ahead. The timing of fast will start from the sunrise of Sunday to till the next day sunrise. Devotees are allowed to take one time meal but it should be taken after sunrise.


Items to Perform Lord Surya Puja –


  1. ideal of Lord Surya and lord Ganesh
  2. Water
  3. Roli
  4. Kumkum
  5. Tilak
  6. Akshat
  7. Sweet
  8. fruit
  9. Fresh and cleaned flower
  10. Aditya Hridayam Book
  11. Gayatri Mantra prayer Book


Surya Pooja Vidhi –


  1. Get up early in the morning before sunrise and take bath
  2. After this, take some water having a few drops of Gangajal and sprinkle it on your head to make yourself pure.
  3. Now offer prayers to Lord Ganesha as he is worshipped first of all before starting any kind of pooja.
  4. Now, pray to Lord Surya and chanting the Surya Mantra at least 108 times.
    || Om Suryah Namah ||
  5. Then offer water, flower, Roli, Kumkum, Akasht and Sweet. And put Tilak on forehead of Lord Surya.
  6. After this, chant Gayatri Mantra and Aditya Hridya Stotram.


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