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Surya Grahan Puja Vidhi

Surya Grahan Puja Vidhi Surya Grahan or the span prior and then afterward the grahan is viewed as extremely unfavourable and considered important by individuals, particularly in the Indian subcontinent.


This is known as Sutak Kaal and it is thought about. Here is the means by which it works. Since the begin time of the Solar shroud until its end, it is best to do enjoy droning of mantras, contemplation, petitions and hawan.


Notwithstanding, no icon love ought to be finished. Once the Sutak kaal is more than, one should bathe, wear new garments and clean the symbols with Ganga Jaal.


Gayatri Mantra For Sun: Mantra Droning -


| Om Adityaaya Vidmahe Divaakaraaya Dheemahi, Tannah Suryah Prachodayaat |


Mantras To Serenade -


On the off chance that you need to serenade surya mantra yourself, you can serenade any of beneath given mantras. Add up to check of mantra will be 6000 times and you can finish it greatest of 11 days.


Before begin droning, counsel any savant to learn proper articulation and strategy for droning to get deist comes about.


Surya Grahan Puja Vidhi –


  1. Presenting the aditya hriday strotram is likewise a decent approach to revere surya.
  2. Offering water with red blossoms in the unfolding time to surya is likewise a decent way.
  3. Quick of Sunday is additionally an approach to limit the awful effects of sun from life.
  4. Giving the things of surya on Sunday is additionally an approach to get free off from sun malefic impacts.
  5. Surya shanti pooja from an accomplished researcher is a decent approach to chill off sun.
  6. Introducing the siddha surya yantra and worshiping it is additionally a decent approach to get the endowments of surya god.
  7. Surya kawach additionally shield a man from the evil impacts of terrible surya.


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