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A Bit About The Supari, Laung, Kapoor And Ilaichi For Diwlai Puja


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Supari, Laung, Kapoor and Ilaichi are utilized for play out the Diwali Pooja. The "Laung" (Clove) means the forces of Lord Shiva and the "ilaichi" connotes the forces of Maa Parvati (Shakti). Both the "Laung" and "ilaichi" are honoured and they begin conveying the forces as passed on by Him.


The "Laung" is Positive (Male) and the "ilaichi" is Negative (Female). Everything in this world, moves due to the join of positive with negative. Power works with Positive and Negative streams.


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In the event that it is possible that one is missing, everything halts. On the off chance that a "Laung" is put vertically finished an on a level plane lying "ilaichi", it takes the state of a "Shivling" – The union of the forces of "Shiv" and "Shakti". The favoured "Laung" is to be taken by a man during the evening.


The "Laung" is constantly gulped (with water) and never bit. It profoundly gathers the issues/diseases of a man as the night progressed.


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The next morning, the "ilaichi" is to be taken. The "ilaichi" (with the forces of Shakti) hauls out the issues of the individual which are gathered at ONE place inside him and sent to Guru Dev. Both the things happen profoundly and nothing is felt by the individual physically. In the long run, the individual is freed of his issues.


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