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Sunstone Shri Yantra

Sunstone Shri Yantra Sunstone Shri Yantra




A sunstone is very striking in its presence, and commonly found in sparkling orange and red color, it is considered as the symbol of the sun god. This stone is very auspicious in nature and is very radiant and emits energy wherever it goes.


According to Hindu mythology the sun god is a representative of strength, leadership and power, the one who worships and follow him is bestowed upon with these qualities in his life.


Even lord hanuman who is the mightiest warrior of all time took his weapon training under him only and who can forget the valor and strength of karna in Mahabharata, he was the sun of surya as well.


Keeping a sunstone is a very beneficial method to gain the lords blessing in your life achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


Sunstone Shri Yantra


A shri yantra is the emperor among all the yantras present all together; no amount of mantra can match its power. It is basically a combination of nine triangles which are intersecting each other to produce a central place where they form an axiom in which the supreme form of adishakti the Tripursundari dwells to shower her blessings; the word itself is a combination of tripur meaning the tree worlds and sundari meaning the most beautiful of all respectively.


The goddess is the most beautiful of all in all the three worlds present, the heaven, the earth and the underworld. Now a shri yantra carved with the sunstone increases its effects by a thousand percent and is no less than your own personal talisman itself.


Benefits of sunstone shri yantra


  • Makes you a confident personality.

  • Improves your strength and valor.

  • Enhances your leadership qualities .

  • Attracts prosperity and abundance in your life.

  • Wealth and riches flow in your life from all corners.

  • Creates a circle of positivity around you.

  • Fame and success charms your way.

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