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Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra in brass

Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra in brass Sumeru Kachhap Sriyantra in brass


A Sumeru Kachhap is a combination of eight metals combined together to form the most auspicious object that is known by the name of a shree yantra.


Before discussing the importance of a shree yantra let us first realize that a metal in any way is better conductor of energy that any other object and here a combination of eight metal.


That are radiating and acting as catalyst to attract the best of the energies that will favor you towards you, no object can match the power of this Sumeru kacchap yantra. Now it is time to discuss the importance of the shree yantra


Shree yantra


A shree yantra is a powerful yantra which is known to be the king or the emperor among all the yantras present and our ever devised in the assistance of the vedas.


It is dedicated to the most supreme form of the adishakti goddess known by the name of “Tripursundari” in which “tripur” means the three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful of all, together this two words define that she is the most beautiful of all in all the three worlds.


A shree yantra is a combination of the nine intersecting triangles that together forms a central axiom where the goddess dwells and spends quality time.


The divinity of her can be realized by knowing that even lord Vishnu is known to be her younger brother, and even the lord of the lords the Mahadev himself is spell bounded at her slightest glaze. She is known to bring all worldly pleasures in the life of the follower.


Benefits of Sumeru Kachhap Shree Yantra


  • Attracts wealth, riches and money from all possible doors in your life.

  • Prosperity and abundance becomes your best companion for life.

  • Creates a circle of positivity around you household and work place to protect you and your family members.

  • No amount of black magic, spells and occult can harm you in its presence.

  • Improves your concentration and focus to make you a better personality.

  • Fame and success charms your path.

  • Ideal for career people and businessman .

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