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diwali-puja-for-foreign Book here Special Puja at Diwali for US Citizens. Laxmi Special Puja at Diwali was executed as an image of ruler Ram's triumph over Raavan in the savage fight between master Rama and Raavan in Lanka.


The arrival of master Ram to Ayodhya was commended with extraordinary grandeur and show. Shree Ram was coroneted and Laxmi puja was performed by the general population of Ayodhya.


Lakshmi puja is likewise usually alluded to as Diwali puja which is directed out of appreciation for Goddess Sita (lord Rams missus). This celebration is sub isolated into a few different celebrations like Bhaiya Dooj, Dhanteras, Govardhan Puja, Narak Chaturdashi, and Diwali. These all celebrations make the festival of Diwali all the more energizing and prosperous.


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As indicated by the legend, Goddess Laxmi came as Maa Sita and by performing Laxmi puja Goddess Laxmi is satisfied and she gives her enthusiasts with gifts and riches. Houses are decorated and cleaned amid Diwali with the intensions that goddess Laxmi would get delight, thriving and guarantees that her admirers live in peace and a condition of prosperity.


Special Puja Things/Samagrim -


  1. Rice
  2. Chandan
  3. Haldi Powder
  4. Haldi Gath

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  6. Supari - 200gm
  7. Laung
  8. Silver Coin
  9. Oil
  10. Roli
  11. Dhoop
  12. Kapoor
  13. Batti (Round)
  14. Aam Patta
  15. Laxmi Photo
  16. Coconut
  17. Book
  18. Laxmi Yantra
  19. Agarbatti
  20. Gud Khopra
  21. Kesar
  22. Match Stick
  23. Deepak
  24. Panchmeva
  25. Itra
  26. Abheer
  27. Gulal
  28. Wheat
  29. Shringar Samagri
  30. Elaichi
  31. Dona
  32. Moli
  33. Broomstick

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  35. White Flowers
  36. Tulsi Bundle
  37. Mishri
  38. Gulab Jal
  39. Janeu
  40. Sindoor
  41. Kamal gatta
  42. Sugar
  43. Ganga Jal
  44. Nectar
  45. Peeli Sarson
  46. Kala Teel
  47. Dhan Ki Kheel
  48. Patasha
  49. Green Cloth
  50. Yellow Cloth
  51. Festoon
  52. Gomti Chakra


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