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Aarti Sangrah Book for Diwali Goddess Kali is one of the Goddess of Das Maha Vidya, Goddess Kali was 4th wife of Lord Shiva, first was Sati Second was Parvati and third was goddess Uma.


Every year Goddess Kali puja celebrated by the peoples in Kartik Month (Month of Diwali), Kali Puja is also known as Shyama Puja and Mahanisha Puja.




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Benefits of Goddess Kali Puja


There are lots of benefits of Goddess Kali puja, some of them are:


  1. Kali Puja protect from any black magic, evil eye and devil effects.
  2. Kali Puja is very beneficial if someone have long illness.
  3. It also helpful to remove the debts.
  4. Kali Puja is very beneficial in business and work.
  5. If you face any incidents day by day then Kali Puja is very helpful to stop it.
  6. Kali Puja protects from Shani (Saturn) and Rahu Mahadasha or Antardasha, and in Shani Sadhe Sati or Shani ki Dhayya.
  7. It also removes the Pitra Dosh and KaaL Sarp Dosh.
  8. At Diwali night if you’re Perform Goddess Kali Puja then you can get most benefit.


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How to perform Kali Puja?


If you want to perform Kali Puja at Diwali night then follow the given process:


  1. Share your Name, Birth details with time and Place, and Gotram.
  2. Share the detail of number of persons to include in puja and choose the number of mantra to chant.
  3. Pay us the Puja Cost via Online, or Bank Transfer.
  4. We will perform the Puja as per the Vedic Rituals and Sankalpam.
  5. After Puja we will send you Puja Prasad at your address.


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