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Significance of Shravan Mass

 Shravan Month 2016 Shravana Mass is the most auspicious month and hold significant value. Each day of this month is pretty much auspicious. Doing worship of Lord Shiva is very fruitful in this month.


Why This Month Is Very Auspicious ?


Each day of Shravana month is dedicated to various deities. For instance, Monday and Tuesday belong to Lord Shiva and Parvati, Wednesday associate to worship of Vithala, Thursday is all about the planet worship Mercury and Jupiter, Friday goes for goddess Lakshmi Devi and Saturday & Sunday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Sun.


In this month, people get relief from the scorching summer as the rain comes in this month. Kanvar Yatra is also started in this month. People walking down to bring Gangajal to shower Lord Shiva. In this rainy month, everything gets showered with the rain and becomes cleaned.


Lord Shiva is one and only God who does not too much time to get pleased. Since Lord Shiva is the origin of the whole world, devotees worship him to get rid of all kinds of sins they did earlier and problems.


Benefits Of Performing Pooja In This Month:


  • It reduces all kinds of malefic effects of afflicted moon. Devotees who take fast and do worship in this month are shielded by the grace of God. They come across to the positive results and cheerful moments in their life.
  • Not only of planet, but Shravana mass puja is also minimized the negative effect of Shravan Nakshatra which appears especially in this month.
  • To get blessed with good spirit and a healthy mind, keep fast in this month is considered good.
  • The people who born or took birth in this month are blessed with the grace of God in a special manner.


In a nutshell, this month is quite precious and it is awaited by the devotees throughout the year eagerly.


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