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Significance Of Chhath Parva

Chhath Parva revolves around the worship of Lord Surya. Every year this auspicious festival comes two times, in summers and winters both.


The devotees all around the country celebrate it with a great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated on a large scale especially in Bihar, Jharkhand, Nepal and U.P.


If it is talked about the significance of Chhath Parva then it holds scientifically and spiritually both. In this blog, significance of Chhath Parva is being explored in a discreet manner.


Significant of Chhath Parva


  • Though there is a number of Lords in Hindu Religion but no one is visible. In this connection, this point does not go along with Lord Surya. We are able to see him clearly. Lord Surya is the only Lord can be seen directly.
  • Lord Surya daily comes to spread light, energy, positivity and life to all living things including birds, plants and human being. Without having Lord Surya, life cannot be even imagined on earth.
  • Lord Surya is the one and only source of life and essential energy for survival of all living things. It is quite helpful for the health of human being. Sun is the great source of vitamin. Be it rising or setting of Sun, both are required to go for the cycle of life. And that’s why both of from of Lord Surya is worshipped during Chhath Puja.
  • Not only scientifically but spiritually, it essential to worshipping Lord Surya. Worshipping Sun diminish all sorts of negative energy from your mind and make you get infused with incredible positivity, stamina and power.


It is a four day celebration and each day is dedicated to different rituals like Nahay Khay, Lohanda and Kharna, Sandhya Arghya and Parana day. Chhath Puja is also known to different names like Dala Chhath, Chhathi, Surya Shashthi and Pratihar.


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