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Siddh Tabiz at Diwali for Wealth and Prosperity Significance of Siddh Tabiz

Before we understand about siddh Tabiz, lets us know what does siddhi means, acknowledging the true power is known as siddhi which is only obtained by the empowering the miraculous mantras of the vedas, especially the atharva veda, it takes an amount of years to gather these siddhis and finally be able to master them to use for the betterment of mankind.

A siddh Tabiz is a composite of these powers which helps in achieving wonders and bless us with supernatural blessings of the supreme deities.

How to worship with siddh Tabiz at diwali for wealth and prosperity?

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Diwali is the most auspicious time to activate this siddh Tabiz in your life, as the position of stars and nakshatra on these days are in perfect harmony, it is almost like as if the celestial bodies have arranged themselves to celebrate the homecoming of lord Rama on this day ages ago. There is a need to follow some rituals on the diwali to be blessed by goddess laxmi and lord ganesh .

  • Take a red cloth of puja and place it in east direction of your house.
  • Now place laxmi and ganesh idol on it.
  • Mark swastika on all the four corners of the cloth with vermillion.
  • Keep your Tabiz as an offering to the deities.
  • Offer leaves and flowers.
  • Now chant the given mantra of Ganesh and laxmi at least hundred and eight times respectively to attract their blessings in the Tabiz.

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Lord Ganesh mantra

ॐ श्रीम गम सौभाग्य गणपतये वर्वर्द सर्वजन्म में वषमान्य नमः॥

Lord Ganesh mantra

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं लक्ष्मीभयो नमः॥

Benefits siddh Tabiz at diwali for wealth and prosperity

  • Attraction of wealth and riches will be observed from all corners of life.
  • Abundance and prosperity will come in your life to stay.
  • Profits will be observed in career and business.

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