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Shri Navdurga Yantra

Shri Navdurga Yantra The Goddess Durga is the almighty Goddess of Shakti decimates all malevolent, is invulnerable and expels idleness, numbness and haziness from the lover's life.


She is the person who offers mettle to individuals and causes them rise successful over foes.


Shri Nav Durga Yantra is utilized to love every one of the nine types of Goddess Durga. Keep the Yantra at your place of love and welcome the positive energies that it produces.


Significant Of Shri Navdurga Yantra


  • It is an effective apparatus to dispose of business and individual issues.
  • It expels fear from cheats, phantoms, adversaries, illnesses and so forth.
  • It likewise evacuates planetary Doshas.


Advantages Of Navdurga Yantra


  • The shri Navdurga Yantra is utilized to venerate every one of the nine types of Goddess Durga. This is an intense Yantra for satisfaction of most astounding wants, expulsion of business and individual issues,to evacuate challenges and to overcome adversaries. Shri Navdurga Yantra is particularly venerated amid Navratras.
  • This Yantra presents riches and property and shields the individual from a wide range of physical and different perils. Love of this Yantra with confidence gives advance in life and takes out troublesome issues.


Uses Of Shri Navdurga Yantra


  • It is exceptionally prescribed that each home should introduce Shri Navdurga yantra for the endowments of Goddess Durga.
  • This yantra would open the entryways of your fate as well as favour you with all bliss and flourishing.
  • Agents or Shop Keepers should keep it in their workplaces or shops to build their deals.


Mantra For Shri Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra


In this section, we are describing the mantras related to shri navdurga Yantra.


"Aum Shree Mahadurge Namah"


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