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Shri Laxmi Ganesh Yantra

Shri Laxmi Ganesh Yantra Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra is considered as an exceedingly favourable and viable Yantra for loving both Lord Ganesh and Deity Lakshmi.


Goddess Lakshmi who is the god of riches, and Lord Ganesh, who is the god of progress, brings colossal measure of riches and fortunes in any work in which a man puts his hands in.


Generally, ownership of Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra brings great predetermination, success, acknowledgment and income.


Benefits Of Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra


The individuals who are working or are maintaining their own particular organizations can put Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra in their workplaces or shops. Thusly, they will be honoured with good fortunes, happiness, plushness and various chances to achieve achievement.


The Most Effective Method To Worship This Yantra


  • In the first place make certain your body, hands are spotless and begin with positive personality outline.
  • Make sure that the Yantra is put with the end goal that you would confront east while worshiping it.
  • Light a diya or jyoti before Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra.
  • In the event that it is conceivable at that point put a few (2-3) new blossoms before Yantra.
  • Serenade the Beej Mantra gave the Yantra 21 times. In the event that you can't read Sanskrit read Hindi or English Translation, all have meet impact.
  • Presently finish up your love by earnestly asking the Yantra, in talked words, to concede you whatever your heart want.




!! Om Gang Ganapatayenamaha !!


!! Om Shareeng Hareeng Kaleeng Gloung Gag Ganpataye Var Varad Sarjan Me Vasmanaya Svaha !!


"Lakshmi Ganesh Yantras are energized by learned purohits, by recounting the mantra of the Baglamukhi Devi one need eighteen thousands time and the Homage of 108 mantra. We give the Yantra the entire mantras and procedure for loving the Yantra."