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Shri Kanakdhara Locket

Shri Kanakdhara Locket Since there is a long list of Locket Yantra, people may know less about Shri Kanakdhara Locket Yantra. It is counted as the beneficial and more in demand Locket Yantra. Why it is remarkable, outstanding and worthy, let’s know about it.


A bit About Shri Kankdhara Locket Yantra -


Shri Kanakdhara Locket yantra is next in this list of locket yantra. This locket yantra related to wealth. It Connected to you goddess Maa Lakshmi. Those wearer get soon good wealth and other positive effect.


If you have faced many problem money related, you must wear it. These problems came on your business or job way those take away from your way and you would enjoy a happy and satisfied life.


Product Description of Shri Kanakdhara Locket Yantra -


In this section, product description of Shri Kanakdhara Locket yantra are being described. Let’s check it out.


  1. Frame- Thick heavy wooden
  2. Crystal glass
  3. Contain one side shree kanakdhara yantra
  4. Other side contain Maa Lakshmi


(Note- If you want its works properly and effetely so everyday worship goddess Maa Lakshmi Devi. It helps to make it more beneficial.)


Mantra for Shri Kanakdhara


“ Om hreem sahastravadane kanakeshwari sheeghram avatar aagachh om phat swaahaa ”


Benefits of Shri Kanakdhara Locket Yantra -


  1. Success, power, energy and money are always stay with whom who wear this.
  2. In wealth point of view, Shri Kanakdhara Locket Yantra is also very useful and powerful. It solve your all wealth related problems.


From Where to Buy -


To get hoped benefits, it is mandatory to wear the real and certified Shri Kanakdhara Locket Yantra. There is prominent Locket Yantra which will not let you get disappointed.


To buy the original one, you can choose us. We provided own costumer certified and real products at considerable charges.


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