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Shri Guru Yantra

Shri Guru Yantra Planet Guru is the educator of divine beings. It is said that if the Jupiter is more grounded in your natal outline then the individual has ability and limit of learning in his life.


Jupiter symbolizes the riches, influence, rank and knowledge. This Yantra can be utilized to make Jupiter more grounded in individuals' horoscope. As it is the best planets taking all things together, it gets the inspiration your life and influences your life to quiet and stable.


This Yantra ought to be built up to venerate Lord Jupiter with full dedication and ought to be continued New Moon day or Thursday morning in the vicinity of 5:30 and 6:30 am in your love place or sanctuary. With full commitment, the Mantra ought to be droned to accomplish steadiness and thriving in life.


Mantra For Shree Guru Yantra


Om Gram Grim Graum Saha Om Shree Guruve Namah


How To Establish The Yantra?


  • The Yantra ought to be cleaned with heavenly water and new drain.
  • A spotless fabric ought to be utilized to influence it to dry.
  • Search for a place to build up the Yantra.


Rules For The Pooja


  • Take a shower before sitting for the Pooja.
  • It's not just your body which ought to be kept clean, your psyche and soul ought to likewise be perfect and crisp at the season of Pooja.
  • Light the Diya.
  • Lay some new blooms and organic products on the sacrificial table.
  • Keep the Yantra alongside the picture of your ISHT God.
  • Take the sacred water with the assistance of Yantra and sprinkle it on yourself and also on it.
  • Devote your opportunity and psyche to the god by requesting that he demonstrate to you the correct way in life.
  • Chant the Mantra at consistent interims.