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Shrapit Doshas/Shrapit Yoga

Shrapit Doshas/Shrapit Yoga Impacts and Remedies Shrapit Doshas/Shrapit Yoga, Impacts and Remedies


We all humans are perishable in nature. The only real part within us is our soul. Our bodies are like a piece of clothing for our imperishable soul. We tend to change our clothes daily, discard a pair to wear another one on a new day. Similarly, our soul tends to discard a body to wear another one in a new birth.


No amount of clothes, money, name, fame, luxury or memories stays with us. The only thing that stays with us is our deeds, both good or bad. What happens to us after death, our rebirth, are all decisions in the hands of our almighty which are based only on the kind of deeds we do in a certain birth.


Understanding Shrapit Dosha:


The term ‘shrapit’ literally means cursed. When you plant a neem sapling, you cannot deserve a mango tree. Similarly, when you do some evil deeds in a birth, you cannot deserve a happy, fulfilling rebirth.


The great almighty up above us all may punish a person for his sins in one birth, in his or her’s rebirth. Thus, when a person is born with stars punishing him or her for their earlier life sin’s in the future, Vedic astrology terms it as the shrapit yoga.


Technically speaking, Shrapit dosha occurs when both Saturn and Rahu are present in the same house in a person’s birth chart.


Effects of Shrapit Dosha:


The negative effects of the shrapit yoga are such that it may even subdue the good yogas in your birth chart. A person suffering from this yoga shall not experience a long, happy married life. They may also face problems in the conceiving or healthy upbringing of their children. The lives of person’s suffering from this dosha are often marred by frequent quarrels and obstructions.




Once marred by the shrapit yoga, your life is liable to be always under the dark shadows of this dosha. Thus, it becomes imperative to take optimum steps for the removal, or at least reduce its negative effects from your birth charts:


  • If possible, avoid quarrels.
  • Whenever possible and however much possible, donate to nad feed Brahmins.
  • Work selflessly for parents.
  • Worship Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman on a daily basis.
  • Mahamrityunjay jap is your rescue. Chant it for at least 51,000 times.


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