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Shradh Puja

 Shradh Puja 2016 It is considered a kind of special puja which is organised for Atama Shanti for your departed paternal or maternal near and dear ones. It is a very special ritual, which should be done every year showing respectful feelings for the ancestors with great devotion.


It holds great important and considered essential to do in order to make them keep calm in their world.


It comes every year in the month of Ashwin as per Hindu month, Krishna Paksha. It remains 15 days. In this year, it will start from 17 September and remain to 30th September 2016.


Significance of Shradh Puja


  • Yes, It is considered very important to do. If one does not believe in this or does not do this has to bear or suffer in life and even after.
  • If you go through the ancient Indian religious text/scripture like Garud Puraan or other Puraan, it is clearly mentioned that offering this puja to the forefathers and departed dear ones makes their souls gratified and the person gets blessed with prosperity, wealth, joys, pleasures, healthy life, and children.
  • If you do not know the particular date on which his/her ancestors left they may perform puja in this month taking their month.


Benefits Of Doing Shraadh Puja


  • Doing this ritual according all necessary rules brings good fortune to their descendants.
  • It also brings positive energies for progress.
  • It is considered very powerful puja to perform and plays a wide role in serious disease.
  • Apart from it, this becomes a great way to make the recovery speed up.
  • One who executes this puja showing great interest and firm get success in his/her business.
  • It also keeps the individual away from all sorts of evil and enemies. It is a great way to get blessed with the grace of blessing of your ancestor.


Mantra Of Shraadh Puja


During this puja, it is required to chant a mantra mentioned below. Actually, chanting mantra plays a crucial role to make this puja successful.


ये बान्धवा बान्धवा वा ये न्यजन्मनि बान्धवा:।


ते तृप्तिमखिला यान्तु यश्र्चास्मत्तो भिवाञ्छति।।


Shraadh is just around the corner and this year you must not forget to execute this important Hindu ritual. Some of the essential points, we have mentioned here. But if you wish to know more, you may ask our experts.


There is one important thing that performing Shraadh is very important during the first year of the death. It is mention in scripture that soul starts it journey after 13 days and it goes 11 months without taking food or water. When Shraadh is done, it satisfies their soul.


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