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Kaner Ki Kalam



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  You will get 7 Pieces of Kaner ki Kalam.

  You can use these Kalam in Puja rituals.

  You can also use these Kalam to create the Bhojpatra yantra.

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The Kaner tree is known as Ornamental Tree and Thevetia Peruviana. The Kaner tree is invoked for the expiration of sins, long life, the fulfillment of a wish, and averting mishaps.

Kaner ki Kalam (Kaner Branch) are staying away from diseases and pest and untouched by goats and cattle. Jyestha Shukla Prathama tithi is the best tithi to perfume the pooja of Kaner branch.

In this tithi, kaner branch is bathed and adorned with the new red color cloth. It invites the wrath of gods. Then donated 7 fruit and Sapta Dhanya is made followed by fasting.

Benefits of Preform the Puja of Kaner Ki Kalam (Kaner Branch)

In this section, benefits of preform the pooja of Kaner Ki Kalam (Kaner branch) are being described below.

  1. Kaner ki Kalam used mostly to made yantra on Bhojpatra.
  2. It shade relieves your mental stress and physical ailment.
  3. It keeps away evil spirits.
  4. It stays away from negative ways.
  5. It may help to solve the troubles.
  6. It protects you from unwanted misshaping those came in your life.
  7. It may fulfill your all wishes and dreams.
  8. It brings happiness and joys in your life.
  9. You feel the peace of mind.
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Brand: KamiyaSindoor
Material: Wood
Origin: 0
Height: 0
Width: 0
Length: 0
Frame: N/A
Energized: N/A
Silver Capping: N/A
Color: Brown
Shape: 0
Size: 12-15 Cm
Ratti: N/A
Carat: N/A
Weight: 100 Gram

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