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Shivling Puja Vidhi

Shivling Puja Vidhi
  1. Puja should start with the contemplation of Lord Shiva. Dhyaan ought to be done before Shivlinga.

  2. After Dhyaan of Lord Shiva, one should serenade Mantra before the Murti, by indicating Avahana Mudra.

  3. After Lord Shiva has been summoned, offer Him water to wash the feet.

  4. After Padya offering, offer water to Shri Shiva for head Abhishekam.

  5. Now offer water to Shri Shiva for Aachaman.

  6. Now give a shower with dairy animals drain.

  7. Now give a shower with curd and Ghee.

  8. Now give a shower with nectar.

  9. Now give a shower with sugar.

  10. After giving shower with Punchamrit to Lord Shiva offer Him garments.

  11. After this offer sandalwood glue or powder to Lord Shiva.

  12. After Gandham offering, offer Akshat to Lord Shiva.

  13. After this offer blossoms and festoon to Lord Shiva.

  14. Bilva Patrani Samarpayami - After this offer Bilvapatram to Lord Shiva.

  15. Dhoopam Aghrapayami - After this offer Aggarbattis or Dhoop-batti to Lord Shiva.

  16. After this offer edified earthen light of immaculate Ghee to Lord Shiva.

  17. Naivedyam Nivedayami - Wash your hands after light offering and offer Naivedya. It ought to incorporate distinctive kind of foods grown from the ground and offer this to Lord Shiva.

  18. Achamaniyam Samarpayami - After offering Naivedya, offer Aachaman to Lord Shiva.

  19. Tambula Nivedayami - After this offer betel leaf (Tambula) to Lord Shiva.

  20. Dakshinam Samarpayami - After offering Tambula, offer cash to Lord Shiva.

  21. After offering Dakshina, offer Aarti with lit camphor in Puja Thali to Lord Shiva.

  22. Pradakshinam Samarpayami - After Aarti, take half Parikrama of Lord Shiva.

  23. After Pradakshina offer mantras and blooms to Lord Shiva.

  24. After Pushpanjali offer conciliatory sentiments and request pardoning to Lord Shiva.


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