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Buy Shivling Abhishek Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Shivling Abhishek, known as Rudrabhishek, is a custom of revering Lord Shiva in his Rudra shape, in which a Shivlinga is showered in water which is persistently poured over it, with backup of the droning of Vedic mantra called the Rudra Suktha.


Master Shiva gifts them their desires and give them mukthi (salvation). Amid Pradosham time blessing Abhishekam the Shiva divinity with the accompanying is viewed as productive.


Drain gives long life Ghee gives Moksha state Curd gives great youngsters Honey is viewed as most hallowed by Hindus and determines advantages of having revered all Devatas at one go. Rudrabhishek invalidates the terrible impacts of incapacitated Chandra grahan and underhanded impact of Punarvasu, Pushy, Alesha Nakshatra and make it capable and gainful.


We have gathered in this unit all elements for performing Rudrabhishek puja. Every one of the basics pressed are normal, unadulterated, sacrosanct and of high calibre and are adequate for performing puja.


Additionally called as Shivling Abhishek. Perform Shivling Abhishek Puja by requesting you claim Shivling Abhishek Puja Kit. The Puja Kit will contain the accompanying things:


Shivling Abhishek Puja Kit Items-


  1. Gangajal
  2. Dhup, Chandan, Rice and Kapur
  3. Silver Belpatra
  4. Silver Snake
  5. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha
  6. Aarti Book
  7. Kesar
  8. Supari
  9. Laung
  10. Roli
  11. Rice
  12. Chandan
  13. Haldi Powder
  14. Haldi Gath
  15. Ganga Jal
  16. Mishri
  17. Sugar
  18. Yellow Cloth
  19. Savroaushadhi
  20. Ashtagandha
  21. Dhoop
  22. Kapoor
  23. Ghee
  24. Batti (Round)
  25. Batti (Long)
  26. Match Stick
  27. Deepak
  28. Agarbatti
  29. Red Cloth
  30. White Cloth
  31. Shringaar Samagri
  32. Sapt Dhan
  33. Sapt Mitrika
  34. Hanumani Sindoor
  35. Panchmeva
  36. Elaichi
  37. Dona
  38. Moli
  39. Itra
  40. Abheer
  41. Gulal
  42. Wheat
  43. Nectar
  44. Mishri
  45. Janeu
  46. Sindoor
  47. Peeli Sarson
  48. Bhasm


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