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Shatru Vinashak Puja

Shatru Vinashak Puja

Baglamukhi Devi puja is also called Shatru vinashak or Shatru shamharak puja. Baglamukhi Devi destruct the enemy of her devotee.


Baglamukhi Devi puja or upasna is a powerful upasna because the powerfulness of deity.


Doing baglamukhi puja with full devotion and reverence it provides devotee the freedom from enemies and gives a boon (Vardan) to worshipper of a king size status or life.


Sometimes we develop enemy in our life unintentionally, it happens just because of the finding some enemy forming yoga in horoscope by the contradictory position of planets in victims horoscope. The effect of this enemy forming yoga can be removing performing Baglamukhi puja and chanting of Baglamukhi mantra along with yantra with adoration.


Bagala Devi prefers yellow color because she always wear yellow dress and she likes yellow color so yellow things should be used and offered in her puja to get maximum out of her puja.


It is described in Rudryamala that one who worships Baglamukhi, Maa makes one’s enemy dumb, deaf, and senseless and turned one’s wealth into poverty.


In winning court cases maa gives her devotee the power of speech to defeat enemy regardless the powerfulness or intellectual power of enemy. The genuine sadhna or puja should be offered according to the Vedic methods. So that Baglamukhi maa can deliver her blessings and power to destroy enemies of her worshippers.


Our Vedic Baglamukhi puja experts are experienced and doing this puja for many decades. They exactly know the real Vedic method of worshipping Baglamukhi Devi. It is our endeavor So that the sadhak can get the full Bagala Devi shanty.