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Shardamba Prasad, Sringeri

 Shardamba Prasad, Sringeri


Only Prasad Rs. 551,


Prasad with Poster Rs. 751,


Perform Puja and get Prasad Cost Rs. 4100


Prasad Details


Many devotees have a wish to taste the blessed Prasad of the Shardamba temple, Sringeri. If you are also one of them then we suggest that you order it at your doorstep with our help. We can deliver it to you and you won’t even need to visit the temple.


Aside from the delicious Prasad, you will also get a poster of Mata. During Navratri, you will get a special Navratri Prasad from us.




This temple is dedicated to powerful goddess Saraswati. It is located in the Sringeri town, Karnataka. It is believed that this temple was founded by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. It is also believed that this temple was founded in 8th century.


The main deity of this temple is Mata Saraswati, who is also called the goddess of learning or Sri Sharada Parameshwari.


The best time to visit this holy place is during the 11 day festival of Navaratri. The Shathachandi Homa Poornahut is done on the Mahanavami day. The beauty and splendor of this place is breathless during these special days.


Book Puja of this Temple


No matter when you plan to visit the Shardamba temple, Sringeri, we can see to it that you get a special puja done here. If you want, we can do the holy puja on your behalf too. To know more, simply contact us.


Book Pandit for Puja


Our team has special contacts with all the pandits in the area. We can help you to hire the services of a learned pandit for your puja in no time. Just contact us and see for yourself.


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