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Shani Puja Vidhi

Shani Puja Vidhi On the off chance that Saturn is making issues throughout your life, perform Shani Pooja at Saturday. It can make Shani in your horoscope cool and quiet. On this day, Shani Pooja is performed by various enthusiasts.


Performing Shani Pooja additionally spoils the physical and emotional well-being. With a specific end goal to expel a wide range of issue from life, Shani Pooja best case scenario healing arrangements. Aside from it, for making progress in work, profession, business, ponder and so forth., Shani Pooja is exceptionally valuable.


Mantra For Lord Shani Pooja –


You should droning this mantra for no less than 108 times. We should look at it -


|| Om pram prami prom sham shanesacharay Namah ||


Puja Products For Shani Pooja –


  1. Shani symbol
  2. Rice
  3. Black till
  4. Black string
  5. Black fabric
  6. Energised dark agate mala
  7. Incense stick
  8. The leaves of rul tree
  9. Iron ring
  10. Saturn yantra
  11. Camphor
  12. Pan and supari
  13. Shani kavas pendant
  14. The hourshoe divider special necklace
  15. Ganga jal
  16. Prayer book
  17. Coconut
  18. Black urud
  19. Mustard oil
  20. Sweets offerings
  21. Summer natural products
  22. Clove
  23. Packet produced using oil


Shani Poooja Vidhi -


  1. On Saturday, You should consuming surma in the ground.
  2. The local should serve monkeys to avert the bed-impacts. What's more, offer the water to them.
  3. Goddess hanuman is one of the effective solutions for please master shani. On this day, sanctify the picture of goddess hanuman with aced oil and 7 seed of black beans.
  4. On this day, you should convey dark or dull blue garments.
  5. Offer the mustard oil to master shani on each Saturday.
  6. Donate the dark things and nourishment to destitute individuals on this day.


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