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Buy Shani Jayanti Puja Kit

shani jayanti puja kit Lord Shani is represented in the planet Shani or Saturn. He is a standout amongst the most well-known gods that wards off malice and expels deterrents.


The Shani Jayanti Pooja Kit is an entire unit to avert the malicious impacts of the Shani Dosha. This unit will furnish you with all the important fixings or things which will help bolster you to battle the extreme circumstances confronted by the individual amid Shani Jayanti Puja.


Shani is the God of Justice and admirer of truth and diligent work. He is named as the balancer of good deeds and terrible deeds and frequently rebuff the general population appropriately.


A man more often than not confronts bunches of inconveniences and hardship amid this stage and endures extraordinary monetary misfortunes, passionate unsteadiness, poor or undesirable connections, loss of societal position and numerous different issues.


We are putting forth to the customer’s Shani Jayanti puja Kit. The shani puja kit offered by us is intended for worshiping Lord Shani. All fans of lord shani, love to him for both physical and mental quality.


Our shani puja pack is particularly intended to play out the shani Pujan according to the antiquated sacred texts. The shani puja pack contains every one of the things required in the worshiping of ruler shani.


Puja Material For Shani Puja -


Following List of things required for the pooja of God Shani:


Home Ceremony Puja Kit Substance :-


We should observe what is being conveyed in this exceptional Home Ceremony Puja Kit. Let’s it out check.


  1. Rice, dark "till" and dark string.
  2. Blossoms and leaves, particularly dark blooms.
  3. Incense sticks.
  4. Lights
  5. Mustard oil.
  6. Desserts offerings.
  7. Summer natural products.
  8. The leaves of "rui" tree.
  9. Camphor
  10. God Shani's photograph or "yanta"
  11. Bundles produced using oil.
  12. Dark "urud."
  13. Clove
  14. Elaichi
  15. Container
  16. Ganga water
  17. Coconut,
  18. Horse-shoe of iron


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