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Tail Abishekam for Shani Dev

Planet Saturn is one of the powerful planet which change your whole life if that is not going well in your horoscope.


Most people think that planet shani is always create the problems in your life, if planet is present in your horoscope. But it is not true.


Lord shani is please to you, he give you incredible success and power. If you are suffering from shani Dosha, you must perform Tail Abhishekam of shani dev.


Tail is one of them items who love lord shani. When you do tail Abhishekam of lord shani, you will get blessing of lord shani. Tail Abhishekam of shani Dev reduce the shani Dosha in your horoscope.


Saturday is the best day to perfume the Tail Abhishekam of lord shani. When you doing the perfume the tail Abhishekam of lord shani, you must consulting with astrologer.


Mantra For Tail Abhishekam For Lord Shani


You must chanting this mantra for at least 108 times. Here, mantra for tail Abhishekam of shani dev are being described below. Let’s check it out


"Om Pram Prami Prom Sham Shanesacharay Namah"


Benefits Of Tail Abhishekam Of Lord Shani


In this section, benefits of tail Abhishek of lord shani are being described below. Let’s check it out


  • That process will give you blessing of lord shani. Lord Shani known as karmphal data shani. If you have not done any wrong anybody, he always give you blessing. Those person doing wrong with someone, lord shani give that person lots of pain and destroy all success.
  • It bring lots of positivity power and energy in your life.
  • Wealth point of view, tail Abhishek of lord shani is one of them powerful remedies.
  • It will give you lots of incredible success.


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