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Scorpio Horoscope 2017

scorpio Scorpio Horoscope 2017


This year will bring positivity in the lives of people. The second half of the year is slightly better than the first one.


For Business


Businessmen who wish to expand their business to new countries might get success this year. Overall, the progress of the business would be satisfactory. Making plans before taking any vital business decision is highly recommended as it will boost your chances of success.


For Job and Education


People in a job will get a lot of praise form a senior official. They would also have to work with full dedication to get results. Luck will favor the professionals and they will achieve career growth this year. This year is good for students too. Research students will particularly get great results. If you are preparing for a competitive exam then you need to work extra hard to get the results you want.


For Relationship


The beginning of this year is quite good for married people while the middle of year might strain your relationship a bit. You may also get an expensive gif from your life partner. This year you will make some new friends too. People who are planning to get married will do so by the end of the year. Household expenditures need to be controlled this year.


For Health


The second half of the year would be very positive for your health. During the first half, you will likely become a victim if stomach issues, especially if you eat out too much. An unexpected trip may make you tired and impact your health so be cautious while travelling. There will be no major health problem that will impact your life this year.


Lucky Color:


9 is your lucky color his year.


Lucky Number:


Red and white are lucky colors for you this year.


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