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Santan Prapti Puja

 Santan Prapti Puja

Santan prapti puja is ancient puja for those parents who have facing problems like childless, pregnancy issues, mother fertility problems. In this puja we perform puja of lord Krishna recognized as the 8th incarnation of lord Vishnu.


Lord Krishna is God of love, prosperity, happiness, brightness, enlighten. Krishna also known as Lodoo Gopal, Bal Gopal, etc.


Childless issue or problems s very serious problems in modern society many parents feel these problems, according to the Vedic astrology some weak planets which provides negative effects in your life, due to this cause you have suffered this childless problems in your life, but these problems can resolve through our Vedic rituals or methods .in our Vedas many mantra, tantra and puja has been described for resolving childless issues.


How to Perform Santan prapti puja for you?


  • In this puja first we need your date of birth time, and your detail.
  • After that we analysis your horoscope properly what actual problems in kundali.
  • Then we perform puja for you with Vedic mantra and rituals all puja is performed by our Vedic pandit and sants.
  • After performing all puja we provide a Prasad, rosary, yantra and some tips for you.


We are performing Vedic process or rituals for santan prapti puja ,all mantra and yantra can be energized by our Vedic guru then we provide puja for you .it is effective method for resolving problems in your horoscope and kundali related childless problems.


The main purpose of this puja is to get child for those who suffered this childless problem. Our Guru Ji or Pandit ji is involved in Hindu religion pujas for three Generations and are well aware to the concern of our clients and understands their requirements. We perform every puja with the prescribed guideline in Hindu Vedas.


So that our clients can get the maximum benefit from the puja.This is our aim to provide the real solution and benefits of puja’s as described in Vedas and according to the real meaning as a mantra holds. To get performed Santan prapti Pooja you can contact our guru ji on our sites given numbers or drop us an email on mentioned mail address.