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Buy Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Puja Kit is a kit containing everything that you have to play out the Mahalakshmi Pooja.


Do the pooja yourself, with your family and companions. This kit contains all materials required for the pooja as said in our sacred writings.


Kit, particularly intended to perform Laxmi Pooja on Fridays and extraordinarily amid the celebration of Diwali in the most compact and exact path, inside the environs of your homes and business setups.


This widely inclusive kit is curated to convey to you the shloka's serenades that you can take after easily and discuss yourself. It additionally gives you a well ordered guide of playing out the Mahalakshmi Pooja with appropriate strategy.


Perfect for the new era, this kit encourages them take after the holy conventions in an easy way. Mahalakshmi Pooja is a critical custom performed amid the celebration of Diwali, welcoming Goddess Mahalakshmi to favour our home with peace, plenitude and fortune. Friday is likewise accepted to be the most promising day for her love.


Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Puja Kit’s Items -


Exceptionally outlined under the direction of purohits the Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Puja Kit contains all the 30 fundamental components to perform Mahalakshmi pooja.


  1. Thorn,
  2. Cup Sambrani,
  3. Aggarbattis Holder,
  4. Deep,
  5. Match Box,
  6. Peetha for Ganesh,
  7. Peetha for Mahalakshmi,
  8. Rangoli,
  9. Rangoli Stencil,
  10. Decorative Rangoli,
  11. Stickers,
  12. Pooja Akshata,
  13. Harridan,
  14. kumkum,
  15. Gandha Tablets,
  16. Dhoop,
  17. Pugi Phala,
  18. Ganesh Idol,
  19. Mahalakshmi Idol,
  20. Gejje Vastra Small,
  21. Kanchiki,
  22. Yagnapavita,
  23. Kajjala,
  24. Abharan,
  25. Karpoor,
  26. karpoor Aarti Holder,
  27. Special Aggarbattis,
  28. Special Candle,
  29. Gangajal [rekited],
  30. Kankana,
  31. Saubhagya Alankara,
  32. Mangalya,
  33. Bangles,
  34. Nose Stud,
  35. Saubhagya Alankara
  36. Booklet,
  37. Audio CD.


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