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Sai Baba Prasad, Shirdi

 Sai Baba Prasad, Shirdi


Only Prasad Rs. 551,


Prasad with Poster Rs. 751,


Prasad Details


When someone orders the Sai Baba Prasad from Shirdi, the devotee would get an Udi Prasad Packet, some Dry sweets such as Rewri & Makana, a stunning picture of Sai Baba and a sacred dhaga from Shirdi.




He was a saint, a fakir and a Satguru, all at once. This spiritual master was worshipped by Hindus and Muslims alike.


He never revealed whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim and he preached that all the religions had a single god. He taught everyone that if a person leads the path of divine consciousness, he or she would get through the jungle of spiritual training.


Sai Baba had no love for any perishable thing as he was focused on realization of the self. His moral codes were love, helping others, inner peace, contentment, devotion to god or guru, forgiveness and charity.


He used the teachings of Hindu and Muslim religion to teach people and combined the best of both the dharmas.


Book Puja of this Temple


To book a puja of this holy temple, you would have to book way in advance as Shirdi Mandir of Sai Baba is always bustling with devotees. People from all over the world visit this temple regularly. We can organize a flawless puja for you here.


Book Pandit for Puja


To book a pandit to help you conduct this puja, you should contact our team. We will book a pandit on your behalf and ensures that he is there on time to conduct the puja at Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi.


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