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Rudraksha According to Problems

 Rudraksha According to Problems 1. Dosh Nivaran Rudraksha


A dosh nivaran rudraksha is used to help you get rid of any dosh you have in your life, which is creating problems for you, by wearing a dosh nivaran rudraksha your all problems will vanish and you will supported with heavenly positivity.


A dosh nivaran rudraksha is made up of ten mukhi rudraksha form, which represents the blessings of lord Vishnu. To get it into effect all you need to is to hang it at the entrance of your house. It will protect you from all kind of problems and will do the dosh nivaran for you definitely.


2. Vastu bandh Rudraksha


A vastu bandh rudraksha is used to remove all sort of vastu related problems you are facing at the moment, it is consist of a fourteen mukhi rudraksha one bead, once you have this, you must hang this in the north east corner of your house.


It is believed that lord shiva once told about the power of this rudraksha to goddess parvati, he said one who uses it will be protected from all kind of negative effect from the world and receives the special blessings from lord shiva himself.


3. Surya Rudraksha


A surya rudraksha is a representative of the sun god himself, this rudraksha is made of one bead of twelve mukhi rudraksha along with a crown of sun god on the top of it which can be made of any metal other than iron.


The person who wears it, is exempted of any fear and past guilt's he had committed and abundance comes in to his just as the sun rays reaches on earth.


4. Education rudraksha


This is a form of rudraksha which is used to get successful in education, mostly students who are failing here steps and who lack concentration must wear this rudraksha mala.


This rudraksha mala is made of three rudraksha's one of which is one bead of six mukhi rudraksha and the other two are of four mukhi rudraksha.


5. Health power rudraksha


A health power rudraksha is used to get rid of the ailment one phase due to any disease, those who suffer from the pain of back ache, head ache, and are easily affected by the negativity of others must wear it.


It makes a circle around you to protect from negativity and increases your body's positive energy by which your health problems disappears and power of health increases to the maximum. This rudraksha consists of two beads of three mukhi and three beads of four mukhi.


6. Business Rudraksha


Business rudraksha is used to get blessings of lord shiva to be successful in your business and to be protected from losses that may be able to occur. This rudraksha creates a positive environment in your work space, and deviates all the harmful and negative thinking


This rudraksha consists of three beads of four mukhi rudraksha and three beads of two mukhi rudraksha, to get the best result of it for your business you must place in the north east direction of your business place.


7. Wealth rudraksha


It is a combination of the rudraksha's that enables you to gain all the desired wealth you hope for, it becomes the magnet for attracting wealth and prosperity from all direction.


This rudraksha consist of combination of one beads of seven mukhi, nine mukhi, eleven mukhi and fourteen mukhi in a silver chain.


8. Relationship rudraksha


This rudraksha is used to improve your relationship and get rid of all the problems between you and your partner.


This rudraksha is made of three beads of six mukhi rudraksha and two beads of seven mukhi rudraksha in any metal chain then iron only.


9. Power rudraksha


Power rudraksha is blessed with the blessings of goddess Durga, it is used to be protected from the harmful effects of your enemy and to attract abundance in your life, this is a very auspicious form of rudraksha one can have.


This rudraksha consists of combination of in all together three rudraksha which are one bead of seven mukhi rudraksha, one of nine mukhi rudraksha and one of eleven mukhi rudraksha in silver bracelet.


10. Mangalam rudraksha


This rudraksha is a source you need to have overall success in your life, its main purpose is to make all your deeds and work into positive work which is mangal work.


This rudraksha is a combination of three rudraksha, which is one bead six mukhi, eight mukhi and eleven mukhi respectively in a silver ornament or bracelet.


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