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Rudraksha for Gemini Zodiac

Rudraksha for Gemini Zodiac The Gemini people must recommend to wear four (char) mukhi Rudraksha, six (chhah) mukhi Rudraksha and seven (saat) mukhi Rudraksha. It bring positive energy and power in Gemini’s life and stay away the problems and issues who come in future. Here, all knowledge about these three kind of mukhi (face) Rudraksha. Let’s check it out -


  1. The four (char) mukhi Rudraksha – The four (char) mukhi Rudraksha plays a wide role to target the four levels of knowledge called Jagrit, Swapna, Sushupti and Turiya. it associated with planet mercury. It is ruled by planet mercury.


    It is reduce effects of planet mercury. It is improving Gemini 1st house. The first house associated with mind, mental status, your personality, and appearance of Gemini people. Gemini people never feel alone and weak. It helps to make the individual a bit more logical and intelligent. It also revive the passion for spirituality regarding God and Goddess.

  2. The six (chhah) mukhi Rudraksha – The six (chhah) mukhi Rudraksha associated with planet Venus. It ruled by planet Venus. It will help to reduce effects of planet Venus. It is improving Gemini 5th house.


    Your 5th house associated with kid, education, career, work and opportunity of Gemini people. It helps to carve out a great personality in order to impress other people. It makes Gemini people away from all kind of problem and difficulties belong to respiratory system.

  3. The seven (saat) mukhi Rudraksha – The seven (saat) mukhi Rudraksha associated with planet Saturn. It ruled by planet Saturn. It is reduce effects of planet Saturn means Shani Sade sati. It is improving Gemini 9th house.


    Your 9th house associated to joy, work, opportunities, wealth, prosperity, wellbeing and travels of Gemini people. It brings Gemini people out from any kind of confusion and misunderstanding.


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