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Rudraksha for Gambling and Lottery

Rudraksha for Gambling and Lottery Do you know how to win your lottery and gambling? Some people think that lottery and gambling may take a lot of time to go in favour. But this is half true. If your rashi’s planets and other astrological factor like house according going to you also matters a lot.


Definitely you win the lottery and gambling if you follow them. Let’s know how to make according to your planet’s direction. If you know this you mast these article.


These 7 house


  1. 2 house- That house is related to money in your life. If you want to powerful these house you must carry 2 mukhi Rudraksha. You will get showered with the immense money not fixed source of income.

  2. 3 house- That house is related to prosperity. If you want your 3 house become stronger, you must carry this 1 mukhi Rudraksha.

  3. 5 house- That house is related to associate with productivity. If moon is most strong in your fifth house, you will surely earn lot of money. If your moon not strong in your fifth house then you should wear to 2 mukhi Rudraksha and 3 mukhi Rudraksha.

  4. 6 house- That house is related to debt and responsibility. If you are not more responsible for your duties, you need to carry 7 mukhi and 6 mukhi. It makes you more responsible towards your duties.

  5. 7 house- That house is related to business partnership. If you want to your business partnership going well long time without having any major issue, then you should go along with 6 mukhi Rudraksha and 7 mukhi Rudraksha. They help your created well relationship with your partner.

  6. 8 house- That house is related to income source. If you want to increase your income of sources, you must carry to 6 mukhi, 7 mukhi and 12 mukhi Rudraksha combination.

  7. 12 house- That house is related to expenses. If your 12 house and 2 house not more powerful but you would not be able to carry more money. Money also come from your but not stay lone time. You want to that your 12 house and as well as 2 house more strong you must carry 7 mukhi Rudraksha.


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